Exceptional agricultural-livestock use, tourist and recreational land in Soriano, Uruguay

Agricultural-livestock Land for sale in Soriano section, Soriano, Uruguay

Price: USD 7.500 /há
MLS # VCP0015
State: Soriano
Section: Soriano
Land area 156 Has
Land suitability Agricultural-livestock


Agricultural-livestock use land for sale located in Soriano, Uruguay. 156 Hectares. Perimeter and interior fences in mint condition with 5 barbed wire dividing the propriety intro three different fields. It has permanent waterholes of gully, where there is an open and not being worked quarry made in black granite. It also has 7 Hectares of eucalyptus woodland on the South of the livestock area.


In the agricultural area you can find soy strubbles; soy was productive in 3.000 kl per hectare and has some previous marks of 4.000 kls x há of wheat and barley. This is an area of 90 hectares and there is a possibility of 15 hectares more from the excellent livestock area. Constructions: It has a not very good house near the gurry area, which probably is 15 years old. Electric current flows through on the opposite side of the land.

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