Very complete ranch with installations for horse breeding and Sheep Wool Insulation

Agricultural-livestock Land for sale in Colonia section, Colonia, Uruguay

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MLS # VCP0018
State: Colonia
Section: Colonia
Land area 1296 Has
Land suitability Agricultural-livestock
Prod. index 106

Ranch in Colonia: includes stud farm and a sheep shearing hut, superb access routes and complete installations.

This fully-equipped rural establishment is for sale in Colonia. 70% of the land is agricultural and 30% for cattle-raising. It is complete with an impressive farmhouse, bunkhouses for foreman and hands, a stud-farm and shed, in addition to other noteworthy installations.


The property slopes downwards, running along the coast, and has excellent access routes, close to the International Bridge and Montevideo. For more detailed information, please do not hesitate to inquire.

House for caretakers: Yes

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