Opportunity - Agricultural in excellent area with good access and strategic location. Alto CONEAT

Agricultural Land for sale in Conchillas section, Colonia, Uruguay

Price: USD 1.573.000
MLS # VCP0081
State: Colonia
Section: Conchillas
Land area 143 Has
Land suitability Agricultural

The property is located next to Pueblo Gil, near the village of Conchillas. It has excellent access by paved road and excellent internal roads that allow traveling it easily. The field has Arroyo del Sauce coast on the west side and Arrollo Conchillas on the southeast side so it has access to water resources. In addition after the cleaning that has been done in the area of the coast, which has increased the cultivable area, some interesting lagoons have been found. The floors are of extremely high quality, which can be seen in the report.


Urbanization project: Since a few years ago, the field has a fractionation project (urbanization) in which 101 small farms of 1 hectare and 180 fields of 600m2. Would be made. The project has a pre- approval what constitutes a possible alternative to the future and gives value to the property for those who will develop it.


The requested value serves only the logistical and productive skills of the field.

For now, in this field Agriculture is developed with brilliant results.

Next to the
cellulose pulp factory of Montes del Plata.

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