208 Acres Field for sale, with excellent house and 750 yards of coast on Arroyo de Las Vacas in Carmelo, Colonia

Agricultural Land for sale in Carmelo section, Colonia, Uruguay

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MLS # VCP0060
State: Colonia
Section: Carmelo
Land area 84 Has
Land suitability Agricultural

The property includes 208 acres divided in three plots with 750 yards of coast in the north extreme and National Route 21 in the South extreme.


The house is located one mile away from Carmelo, 9 miles away from Carmelo International Airport and 22 miles away from the City of Buenos Aires, which can be reached by ferry.


The over 8000 square feet main house was designed and built in 2008 by an award winning Californian Architect. It has Spanish Tile floors, stainless Steel appliances, a swimming pool, gazebo, barbecue grill, high end construction with completely insulated floors, walls and roof, water heater, subfloor heater, water purifying system, High Speed WiFi internet and monitored security system.


Service House has 3 bedrooms and is located in the main entrance of the property.


The soil in two of the three plots is currently planted with soy, generating rental income for the owners. The future owner may opt to continue the rental arrangements, the current plant crops in the whole property or turn the plot that connects with the river (99 acres) into a wonderful sports harbor.


These last choice would have an undeniable attractive in Buenos Aires, where the largest concentration of owners and sports harbors is directly across the Río de la Plata.


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Built-up area: 750 m²
House for caretakers: Yes

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