Important ranch house for sale in Uruguay, English early twentieth century style

Farm for sale in Ruta 1 section, San José, Uruguay

Price: USD 520.000
MLS # VCH0088
State: San José
Section: Ruta 1
Land area 23 Has

Farm of 23 hectares for sale in San Jose, Uruguay, with a main house of 150 m2 built, 3 bedrooms of 16 m2 each, 2 bathrooms (1 en suite with jacuzzi), living room of 50 m2 with fireplace and large window to the park, spacious kitchen and half-bathroom.


All rooms have air conditioning, and services such as satellite TV, wireless Internet, telephone, water heater by solar energy, surveillance cameras remotely monitored, 12 KW of electricity, among other amenities..


  • A garden park of 2 hectares which gives access and surrounds the house,
  • where there is an artificial lake
  • 30 m2 covered BBQ
  • 50m2 Greenhouse
  • Period Windmill
  • 1600m2 Mini-zoo with farm animals, among other attractions.


In this part of the park still stands the original design of the European landscaper: the path leading to the house from the portress is accompanied by 150 meters of Palm trees in a straight line, to the sides of the house there are 2 rows of Pindo Palms, in front of the house a semicircle of Cypresses, in each of the 4 corners of the house there is a Blue Cedar longer than 2 meters diameter each, and exactly at the front and back of the house there are 2 Butia Palms.



  • Natural Protective Forest 19 hectares of (certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries) with a huge variety of natural flora and fauna of the country. In it live more than 60 species of birds, and entire colonies of native animals. The forest has trails that run through it and are used for walking, horseback riding, biking or any other type of vehicle.
  • • An area of 2 hectares of land suitable for agriculture, with season plantations.



Other features of the property:


It is located on the Guarani Aquifer, there is a great abundance of water in the area. The water for the house and irrigation is supplied by a set of three pumps, one of which (the one used for irrigation) has a flow rate of 10,000 liters of water per hour.


Property built in the early twentieth century by the landowner Joaquin Ilarraz, which served as main house for establishment of 16,000 hectares in San Jose (see box). To design the villa and the park hired-at that time- a arquitectos y paisajistas europeos, dándole al establecimiento un aspecto poco común en las áreas rurales del Uruguay de aquella época.


Today, the property occupies and revives a part of that story: the main house and 23 hectares of park and forest.


Both the house and the park have experienced significant improvements to incorporate the comfort and care of the XXI century while retaining the original style.

Built-up area: 150 m²
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
House for caretakers: Yes

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