Port Sight Colonia: One and two-bedroom apartments, located right on the coastal promenade

Development for sale in Rambla Costanera section, Colonia del Sacramento, Colonia

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MLS # VEP0010
State: Colonia
City: Colonia del Sacramento
Section: Rambla Costanera
Type: Trusts
Launching Exclusive studio, one and two-bedroom apartments, along the coastal promenade in Colonia. The apartments measure between 29 and 64 square meters and are located in one of the most developed parts of Colonia.

Port Sight is a real estate venture, undertaken in Colonia del Sacramento, consisting of 32, one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as garages, in a 5 story building.


As mentioned before, the property is located directly on the coastal promenade, and represents an excellent opportunity for investment in Colonia. Fully equipped and with excellent views of the River Plate, it is ideal for residing full-time or for vacationing in Colonia. Should you choose to rent it out, generous returns can be expected throughout the different seasons.


Surface area:


  • 29.08 m2 (Studios and one-bedrooms)
  • 34.22 m2
  • 36.33 m2
  • 40.55 m2 (Studios and one-bedrooms)
  • 47.97 m2
  • 53.05 m2
  • 64.25 m2



Surroundings and location:


Port Sight is located along the coastal promenade in Colonia del Sacramento, at the intersection of Paraguay street, only 5 minutes from the center, and along the main strip of beaches in the city.






  • Outdoor pool with a sunroom.
  • Climatized pool
  • Outdoor barbecue for common use
  • Fully equipped modern gym
  • Underground garages
  • Terrace equipped with a barbecue
  • Internet with Wi-Fi
  • Restaurant/snack bar




Quality of the Building:


This is a top-of-the-line apartment block in Colonia del Sacramento. Its apartments are extremely well constructed, and deftly finished:


  • Made using a reinforced concrete structure.
  • Partition and exterior walls are made of state-of-the-art, ceramic material. The interior walls are also of top quality, and are especially thick.
  • Horizontal roofs made of concrete slabs.
  • Classy, thick plaster walls with spackle.
  • Painted plaster walls, anodized aluminum entryways, rails made of aluminum, glass, or other materials.
  • Subflooring filled with dry debris, composed of either broken bricks or aerated concrete.
  • Tile floors in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Wood or tile floors in bedrooms.
  • Wood or tile floors in living rooms.
  • High quality tile paneling in the bathroom, as well as certain parts of the kitchen.
  • Granite countertops in kitchens, ranging from Rose del Salto to sea gray, among others.
  • Shared stairway made from reinforced concrete.
  • High quality glass, the thickness of which is determined by the amount of space in the fixture.
  • Furnishings: The kitchens are equipped with below-counter cabinet space. The bedrooms have built-in closets. The outdoor door frames are made using anodized aluminum.
  • Heating: Electric radiant floor heating.



All of the materials used to complete the sanitary installations are first class, and have the correct measurements as to maximize their functioning.


The electric installations will strictly adhere to codes established by UTE, and thermal circuit breakers, for all rooms, will be centralized in a conveniently located box. Phone jacks will be installed in each unit, and there be will an additional electrical outlet located in each kitchen.


If you have any questions regarding this venture on the coastal promenade in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also download this information here:

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