2 hotels for Sale over the Coast in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

Commercial property for sale in Playa section, Punta del Diablo, Rocha

Price: USD 500.000
MLS # VLC0013
State: Rocha
City: Punta del Diablo
Section: Playa
Land area 2500 m²
Built-up area: 814 m² approx.

El Diablo Tranquilo and El Diablo Tranquilo Playa Suites have continued to shape the tourism landscape of Punta del Diablo and meet the needs of travelers from the world over. We have enjoyed a privileged position as our seaside village has become a vacation hotspot. This brings us to today, our trajectory is sound and growth opportunities exist within each property. Though my time at the helm is coming to an end, I believe the legacy of El Diablo Tranquilo is just beginning.



El Diablo Tranquilo consists of two separate commercial buildings, an ancillary third development currently allocated to employee housing and adjoining land for future use. For further detail, please see the building plans accompanying this memorandum.







Playa Suites sits on Playa Rivero and is accessed by our own boardwalk, officially at 4860 Camino Costanera. This makes us one of less than a dozen lots within 200m of the sea that will never have to cross a thoroughfare to reach the ocean.


Furthermore, the thousands who use our boardwalk for beach access pass by the deck of the restaurant and directly through our beach barcito. This makes a captive market of the fastest growing and most densely populated sector of town.


  • 500m2 of beachfront property at solar 7 of manzana 16. 
  • 358m2 of brick and concrete construction in three stories.
  • The restaurant is located on the first floor with full lobby facilities and shared dormitories on the second and four penthouse suites above.



Restaurant includes:


  • 83m2 indoor dining area including two bathrooms
  • Full indoor/outdoor bar and service area
  • Walk in refrigeration unit
  • Wood fired oven as well as conventional kitchen amenities
  • 240m2 of wooden deck
  • Boardwalk entrance and beach access
  • Mini-bar and additional sales point located directly on Playa Rivero
  • Electric or solar water heating options with installations ready for gas






  • Built on 1000m2 just 140m from Playa Suites at solar 17 and 18 of manzana 21
  • 384m2 of brick and concrete construction in two stories covered with traditional thatch roof
  • Grand entry hall and full lobby facilities
  • 3 private rooms en suite with fireplaces, 4 basic private rooms, 5 shared dormitories
  • 4 full and 3 communal bathrooms
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Employee Housing
  • Constructed on the property shared with El Diablo Tranquilo Hostel
  • 72m2 of block and concrete construction
  • 1 private apartment en suite and 4 shared dormitories
  • 4 full bathrooms
  • Full kitchen facilities
  • 81m2 of wooden construction
  • 1 apartment en suite and 6 private accommodations
  • Laundry and storage facilities 
  • Adjoining properties constitute an additional 1000m2 of adjoining real estate.
  • Provides street access to the front and back between Avenida Central and Calle 7.
  • Since the time of our purchase in late 2006 for less than $35m2, comparable properties, including adjacent lots sold within the last year, have maintained 35%+ year over year price increases, with most recent sales averaging $150 per m2.
  • The value of these properties as additional accommodation under the El Diablo Tranquilo banner far outweighs their resale price – as will be explained in detail further on in this memorandum.
  • Gas and electric water heating installations







  • Net income of the hostels has exceeded $250,000 in each year since the opening of Playa Suites.
  • Marginal profit of accommodation revenue has never dropped below 60% in five years of operation.
  • Gross rental revenue exceeded $460,000 last year.
  • Assuming revenue opportunities limited only to the peak 40 days, commercial use of the employee housing would add additional revenues over $50,000.
  • Even assuming a drop in occupancy and 40 day limit to use, basic construction on the adjoining real estate would lead to net revenues inç excess of $400,000 per year.






  • Last year, we operated the restaurant exclusively for hostel guests and generated revenues over $112,000.
  • In 2010-11 the restaurant was leased, resulting in revenues over $50,000.
  • Our full last year open to the public, 2008-09, F&B revenue was just short of $200,000, adjusted for inflation, without considering the growth of Punta del Diablo and El Diablo Tranquilo in particular, that would translate to about $270,000 for the upcoming 2012-2013 season.





  • The rental of surf gear and lessons
  • Organization and sale of horse tours as well as trips to regional attractions
  • Commissions charged on cash withdrawals and currency exchange for guests (Punta del Diablo boasts no year round ATM or banking facilities)
Semi-built area: 240 m² approx.

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