Agricultural farm only 10 minutes from Carmelo in Colonia, Uruguay

Agricultural Land for sale in Carmelo section, Colonia, Uruguay

Price: USD 420.000
MLS # VCP0034
State: Colonia
Section: Carmelo
Land area 32 Has
Land suitability Agricultural
Prod. index 196

A superb agricultural/tourist farm for sale in Uruguay. It is located just north of the city of Carmelo, in the department of Colonia. Almost forming a perfect rectangle, its soil registers at 11.7 on the CONEAT Index, and virtually guarantees significant agricultural yields.


There is a strategically placed, wooded area on the land, where a home once stood. Its raised location and distance from the road, combined with the shade provided, make it an ideal spot to rebuild.


Excellent gravel access roads, only 2 kilometers from a paved road.

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