Opportunity: Field for Sale of 10,000 hectares suitable for agriculture in the Colombian Orinoquia

Agricultural-livestock Land for sale in Orocue section, Casanare, Uruguay

Price: USD 20.000.000
MLS # VCP0067
State: Casanare
Section: Orocue
Land area 10000 Has
Land suitability Agricultural-livestock

Field with agricultural suitability, located in the district of Casanare, on the road 65-Orocue.



The Orinoquía region is located in the south western area, of the department of Casanare, whose central axis or epicenter is located 120 kms from the city of Yopal, has vast savannas, and some gallery forests that run along the major rivers. Its topography is flat with gentle undulations. The exploitation of the area is basically oil and extensive livestock in the savannas.



This region is formed by a system of uniform plains with
gentle undulations ranging between 145 and 160 masl, of alluvial origin by the accumulation of silt materials and hauled particles suspended coming from winds whose base is in non-flooded banks. It is characterized having soils deep over 1 meter and be slightly susceptible to flooding during the winter time. The floors of the establishment are composed of loam texture with variants to sandy loam and in some cases clay loam, deep low natural fertility, with high levels of iron and aluminum, which are commonly known as acid soils and in case of making agriculture they must be corrected with proper fertilization.



In this region the climate is divided into
2 seasons from the point of view of water. The dry season runs from December to March with very little presence of rain and strong air currents mainly during the morning. The rainy season from April to November marks very large volumes. Historical records of the area show rainfall ranging from 2500 to 3000 mm annually, on average.



Township Orocue is located 70 kms, San Luis de Palenque 30 kms, and Trinidad, 35 kms. The property is crossed by paved road Yopal-Orocue and the area has electric infrastructure.


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