Set of individual plots for sale in Colonia (La Loma, San Pedro section)

Farm for sale in San Pedro section, Colonia, Uruguay

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MLS # VCH0046
State: Colonia
Section: San Pedro
Land area 1 Has

Parcial electrical system installed; semi-artesian well

1 and 2 has. allotments located in the area of San Pedro, from where it takes only 10 minutes to get to Colonia del Sacramento. This 18-hás. set of individual plots is located on Tula Suárez de Cutinella St; 12 km. from the city, 2,5 km from the costline and 2,3 km from National Route 21 (which leads to Carmelo).


There is a great variety of plots whose price varies depending on their location, groves, view and accesses. We will be pleased to inform on further details.

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