Beautiful 1 hectare farm, located on the highway leading to the riverside resorts of Artilleros and Santa Ana

Farm for sale in Ruta 1 section, Colonia, Uruguay

Price: USD 32.000
MLS # VCH0071
State: Colonia
Section: Ruta 1
Land area 1 Has

This farm for sale is located along a paved highway; 80 meters of its front yard run along said road. If traveling from Colonia, the Santa Ana and Artilleros resorts are only 3 kilometers away.


A natural stream flows across the land, facilitating the creation of an artificial lake, is so desired. This, in conjunction with native flora, would imbue the farm with unparalleled beauty.


In addition, the land stands at an altitude, apt for the undertaking of construction projects.

Front (m) 80

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