Exclusive Service Benefits, Real Estate Uruguay

17 de April de 2010

Even though the sale exclusiveness authorization is not something very used in our market, it is worth emphasizing its benefits for both the owner and the real estate agency.

It is the only truly professional way of working over the real estates, offering the due guarantees to the client, who delegates on the real state agent the responsibility of managing his property, either for renting or selling it.


By authorizing the exclusiveness in the managing of any operation with the property, the client assures himself a more responsible and easier attention in the process. This can be done due to the fact that the real state agency can manage every fact with more solvency and transparence, offering also a wider and more dedicated service. The inexistence of this method of exclusiveness would give the chance for unscrupulous people to act, which would in time weaken the reliability of our Market.


The benefits exist to both sides:


The benefits for real state agencies are very obvious, which sometimes lead to the underestimation of other important aspects not exclusively related to money. Having exclusiveness authorization -which does not necessarily mean that other real state agencies cannot participate in the business or provide some prospective clients– authorizes the real estate agency to offer a true advising and consulting professional service, which is relevant to the market because it backs up the guarantees offered to the CLIENT. This would not be possible if the actors involved were too many. It is the only actual way to guarantee a clear, responsible and proper managing of the business, its needs, urgencies and objectives. Experienced real state agents are the only ones capable of offering the appropriate guarantees which amateurs cannot provide. 


Authorizing the sale exclusiveness is a good deal for the client as much as it is for the real state agency. The existence of the Association is highly compatible with this modality since it allows other agencies to provide their clients expanding the possibilities of defining the sales.


However, it is very convenient that the management of the operation rests on the hands of just one agency. It is worth to empathize that we are not referring to an irrevocable condition but to a compromise between the client and the enterprise, in which there is a previous agreement about the period of tolerance for the operation to be concreted and both parts also agree on all the necessary considerations. In this way, both parts work as a highly committed team.


Assuring the confidence and credibility of our clients is the professional and ethical responsibility of our company. This does not mean that the doors are closed to other agencies, but it offers them the possibility of carrying out businesses together in a responsible way, which would shorten the process in time and would back up the formality of our business domain.


All in all, is relevant to point out that this modality was first launched and it is supported by Camara Inmobiliaria Uruguaya and its representative in our province. It is the only valid way to make our commitment, and the experience and professionalism of the Uruguayan Real State Market known.

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