Colonia del Sacramento ranked among the 41 most recommended cities to visit in 2011 by the New York Times

07 de January de 2011

The highly regarded newspaper, The New York Times, included Colonia del Sacramento among the top 41 cities to visit in the world in 2011 (“The 41 Places to Go in 2011”), underscoring its status as a World Heritage Site and highlighting its Historic Quarter, while, at the same time, referencing the nearby vast tracts of land, beautiful ranches and Port camacho, among other attractions.

The New York Times also emphasized Colonia’s proximity to Buenos Aires (a ferry trip of less than one hour), and deemed the former, a necessary jaunt for all tourists from around the world. While taking in the views from across the River Plate, certain contrasts become all the more evident. Colonia’s Historic Quarter, characterized by its quaint stone ranches and colonial architecture, its artisan boutiques and riverfront restaurants provide a colorful touch, one appreciated by all who have visited this tourist haven.


In addition, the NY Time’s article pointed out how, over the last couple of years, the countryside surrounding Colonia del Sacramento has become significantly more appealing. The bucolic scenery, expansive plots of lands, farms and beautifully decorated ranches attract multitudes to Colonia in search of that rural elegance, or eco-chick escape. One particular hotel that indulges such a desire is The Vigna. Belonging to a family of Italian immigrants, the Vigna was once a winery, specializing in Tannat wines. Now, it provides visitors with the distinct opportunity to experience art and agriculture simultaneously. You can either relax and enjoy the rustic environment, or learn about organic farming, sheep-shearing, or participate in other activities, all worthy of a true gaucho.


The Tierra Santa Ranch also came highly recommended in the article. Opened from March to June, and again from September to December, this gorgeous colonial home consists of three suites, each with its own wooden stove and spacious terrace, looking out over the sprawling fields. It is worth mentioning that, with over 50 species of birds, this land beckons aficionados of bird sighting. Other popular activities are fishing, hunting and horseback riding on Uruguay’s very own Creole Horse.


Lastly, the New York Times also invited visitors to Uruguay to check out Port Camacho’s maritime boardwalk. Close to Port Carmelo, Port Camacho is known for its rustic stone chapel, a traditional country store offering exquisite natural products and preserves, as well as for its popular restaurant, Basta Pedro. Furthermore, Port Camacho’s marina is part of a real estate venture, which plans to build a horse track and offer classes given by experienced riders.


In the end, it was the New York Times’ subscribers who voted and ranked Colonia del Sacramento as the 32nd top spot to visit in the world. Another vote confidence for out city!



Colonia del Sacramento’s benefits and its real estate market:


This article, published in the New York Times, only reaffirms the international recognition that Colonia del Sacramento has been receiving for some years now. Previously, on repeated occasions, the magazine “International Living” made mention of our city, and expounded on the nature of the real estate market, revealing the diversity of properties available and regarding Colonia del Sacramento as the best place to invest in Uruguay. It also boasted that Colonia was an ideal place to live quietly and in peace, underscoring the excellent quaility of life that can be found not only in Colonia del Sacramento, but all throughout Uruguay.

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